The title of the exhibition is “Love and Purity over Self-Protection.” It is my reflection upon how we can make harmonious relationships with other people in our lives. In our world today, we experience broken relationships. Different people, communities, societies, and nations are fighting each other and trying to protect themselves at the cost of others. It causes conflicts and human suffering. I think that we should willfully choose love over self-protection and be pure of heart in order to make harmonious relationships.

Art is an important medium I use to express my theology and philosophy, especially understanding of human and spiritual relationships. As a Korean studying abroad — in the United States and Argentina — I am constantly exploring the meaning of harmony among people, between people and the natural world, and all of us in relation to the divine. Whatever our cultural context, I believe that the key to living life well is opening ourselves — becoming vulnerable in our love for one another — so that we may live lives of mutual love and respect; accepting one another as the great and precious beings we are made to be.

Little Homeless Boy


La Paz, Bolivia

Digital Photograph 

I was traveling in La Paz, Bolivia. I heard the sound of a guitar when I was walking down a crowded street. When I reached its source, I saw a little boy strumming the strings in order to beg for money. People were standing around him, watching this delightful boy perform. After a while, I realized that he was not really playing. Instead, he was just moving like a windup toy. His eyes were full of fear and hunger. I didn’t see his parents - he was alone in the middle of the city. I took a picture of him and left him some money. When I began to walk away, a homeless man came up to me and asked me to give him money for taking a picture of his son. A feeling of anger overcame me; but quickly dissipated after I saw his eyes. They were filled with the suffering of his poverty, exaggerated in their deep yellow color. I thought how difficult his life was, leaving his son alone to earn money for the family. 

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