Tango Íntimo Process Video

"MANNAM" July 29 - Aug 8, 2014
Espace des Arts Sans Frontières, Paris, France

Tango is a process of listening to, waiting for, understanding, and loving your partner; which teaches you how to make a beautiful relationship in your day-to-day life. When I was preparing this painting series about Tango, I wanted to feel the emotions and engage them as I created the images. I painted them with my feet while dancing tango on the canvases. I chose songs, listened to them over a hundred times in order to engage in the music and choose colors for the paintings. I then painted by myself or with my dance partner. Colors moved across the canvas by means of my feet and emotions.

Video Edited by Kara Greenberg
Song: "Gitango" by Helmut Lipsky/L'Art de Passage (Au Parfum de Tango)
iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/au-...
Tango Íntimo Painting Process
Artist: Chihoon Jeong
Music: Tango Maurice by The Magic Ochestra (iTuens Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/tango-maurice/id101693480?i=101692930)
Interview and Video Editing: Glen Messer, II.

La Viajera Morena Video Interview
Interviewed and Created by Chanel

Artist: Chihoon Jeong, New York City via South Korea
Film Date: December 2013

Chihoon Jeong is a unique artist who expresses his work through paintings created with his feet instead of his hands. Dancing to tango music, Chihoon creates beautiful masterpieces. This interview discusses his art, his photography, his travels, his background, and it also shows how he prepares to create one of his pieces. 

Copyright 2011-2013 by Chihoon Jeong. All rights reserved.

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